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extended piano  Audio CD mit Werken von

Benjamin Lang: ABDucensparese
 for grand piano (2001)
Michael Maierhof: splitting 16
 for piano (2002/2003)
James Saunders: #250904-r
 for piano, dictaphones, CD and e-bow (2004)
Thomas Wenk: Recordame
for piano and cassetterecorder (1999)
Johannes Kreidler: Klavierstück 5
 for piano and tape (2005)Ah, just one word: amazing!
Best concert of the festival so far for me. It was perfectly delivered.
Three words? Skilled, progressive, contemporary.
I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just so unusual, isn’t it?
Publikumsreaktionen Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival…presents only very exciting compositions…
positionen 80
HCR 2009
ASIN: B0037P159A

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